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About the Community Local Program

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

The Community Local Program is your assurance that Community Markets has verified that what the Farmer is selling is grown on his or her farm. The Artisans or Crafter is the maker of their products. Shoppers then know, they’re buying directly from the Farmer/Artisan, and are doing their part to ensure the future of local agriculture and the local economy. Look for the "Community Local" symbol on the Vendors Tents...

The Community Local Program grew out of a real need. Shoppers at markets often thought they were buying directly from local Farmers or Crafters when in fact they were buying from resellers. They had no way of knowing which vendors were which. It's our way of helping the customer know they are supporting small local businesses.

The program helps level the playing field for Farmers/Artisans trying to compete with resellers who try to pass off lesser quality food as just-picked, farm–fresh food. Shoppers come to Community Markets to support local. Now they’ll know who they are.

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