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Farmers’ Market Etiquette for Shoppers

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

1 - Make sure you understand what’s in season so you have the right expectations.

2 - Take advantage of the market’s info booth.

3 - Come prepared with a shopping cart and small bills.

4 - Be respectful of the produce.

5 - Talk to the farmers and staff.

6 - If organic certification is important to you, ask about it.

7 - Show a farmer how you used their produce.

8 - Get to know your vendors

9 - Bring your own shopping bags too

Farmers’ Markets are such a great way to get your shopping done for the week, discover local artists selling handmade goods and support local. They have a relaxed feel with friendly vendors, but as shoppers, we need to be sure we don’t take this relaxed feel too literally and are following common practices when it comes to etiquette. They’re a business just like any other and are working extremely hard to make a living out of the products they’re selling.

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