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Where To Buy Vessel Sinks

Designed to mimic a cross-section of the Earth that has been shaped by water and wind, this quartz vessel vanity sink is sure to be the centerpiece in your new bathroom. It is crafted from an ultra-durable quartz composite material and finished with a lustrous silky matte surface that is easy to care for.

where to buy vessel sinks

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TashMart is one of the largest suppliers of unique natural stone vessel sinks in the country. We are based in Houston, Texas. Our high quality stone sinks and accessories are imported from the Afyon region of Turkey known for the finest marble and travertine in the world. We specialize in unique designs for your bathroom project that you won't find anywhere else. Each stone vessel sink is naturally unique and made from one solid piece of stone (marble, onyx, travertine or limestone). We offer free shipping to the continent United States. We carry over 1,000 stone sinks in inventory in a variety of stone finishes and colors. All sinks ship for free via FedEx Ground and will arrive within one week. Contact us for expedited shipping.

TashMart is focused on providing excellent products and customer service. Check out our reviews from actual customers verified by a third-party. We go the extra mile to give comfort to customers purchasing stone sinks online. We are happy to take extra pictures or provide details over the phone. Every natural stone sink is unique. Our goal is to make our customers comfortable buying a sink online or in person. If you are local to Houston, call us to schedule an appointment to view the stone sinks in person at 713-510-4888. We don't have showroom but we can make arrangements if you wish to see the products in person.

Swan vanity bowls are designed with you in mind. Purchase a vessel sink for a trendy look or an undermount bowl for a classy design. Pair with a coordinating Swan shower base and wall kit and your bathroom is complete.

Vessel sinks obviously serve the same function as undermount or drop in sinks, but they tend to be more obviously bowl-shaped (like this beautiful Deux Vessel from Anzzi) and, most importantly, sit directly on top of your vanity instead of nesting inside or underneath your counter. That means that the hole you have for your current sink in your current bathroom vanity is way, way too big for a vessel sink to be a simple, easy swap. In fact, the opening in your counter should be just big enough to accommodate the sink drain, with the base of the sink sitting on the counter around it.

The majority of vessel sink faucets are the post-style or wall-mounted versions I described above, but many glass vessel sinks are designed with gorgeous matching waterfall-style faucets made of the same type of glass and with a similar bowl-shape. Many vessel sinks come paired with specific faucets, but something like this Amber Sunset Vessel from Vigo Industries goes beyond simple pairing to true coordination, creating a unique, eye-catching, innovative design that truly integrates your faucet into your sink, but is anything but traditional.

Explore options for sleek and stylish bathroom vessel faucets: offered in brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and a variety of other finishes to match any bathroom design. We offer a number of bathroom vessel sink faucets to match your home's style from traditional to contemporary.

Vessel sinks sit directly on top of the counter, making them bolder and more pronounced than a drop-in or undermount. This sink type can make a bold design statement that shapes the look of your bathroom.

Elkay Quartz is as timeless as it is beautiful and as strong as it is functional. Thanks to a proprietary manufacturing process that combines natural quartz with high-performance acrylic resin, these composite granite sinks deliver durability in bold colors anywhere you choose.

Everyone loves the timeless style and beauty of a classic! Elkay Quartz Classic sinks have the organic look and feel of authentic stone. Available in a range of stunning, earth-toned hues, these quartz composite sinks have been adding color to kitchens for more than a decade.

What I am super into right now is wall mount faucets and on our design plan with Kohler I have wall mount fixtures in 3 of the 5 bathrooms, but I have them paired with undermount sinks. And once you plumb for wall mount and tile over it, there is no going back.

Ditto that! Your vessels are cool/inspiring me to make some home edits. My current house came with one of those bowl-style vessels that consumes the countertop-still looks cool, kinda messy and super hard for toddlers to use. Wall mounted faucet + undermount sink sounds awesome in your hands + maybe easier to clean??

Hmm, I disagree. I recently renovated two bathrooms with very modern, cylindrical vessel sinks. I love that nothing rolls off the counter into the sink. They are like a bowl and they do not splash. The modern, wall mounted faucets are at the proper height. One of them sits on a gorgeous and colorful cement tile vanity top.

I was also thinking about the countertops not being as high. So, would you only go with a vessel because a) you like the look? or b) to gain height if you found the perfect, but short, piece for the vanity?

Ditto, vessels are splashy and it is somehow impossible to keep the exterior clean if you have kids. The undermount/wall faucets look great, almost like an old farmhouse kitchen sink (the real steel and porcelain ones, not the trendy soapstone repros).

I hate vessel sinks, too. I had one for 6 months and then ripped it out. (Then again, maybe it was installed improperly (which, I guess, would require having a pipe to let air out that was above the level of the sink itself), because it never drained quickly and always looked messy.)

We use wall-mounted faucets with undermount sinks for client projects ALL THE TIME. I have never heard a complaint about it being difficult to use. Personally, I find vessel sinks really distracting and super awkward to use so I steer clear of them. But I think the wall-mount faucet and undermount sink combo is so classic and beautiful. Go for it!

The first time I saw a vessel sink, in Munich in 2002, I thought it was so cool! But they are so very annoying to use, and most appear dated to me now (especially the glass bowl ones). Wall-mount faucets + undermount sink = excellent idea. Go for it!

I love the look of an under mount sink with wall mounted faucet. And I absolutely HATE vessel sinks. Water gets everywhere and the countertops below get flooded. Also, I think they look too try-hard and maybe even a little outdated now.

we have double wall mount faucets w undercount sinks in our master bath. the backsplash is marble with 2 ogee-esque shapes above the sink where the faucets are mounted. I absolutely love it and hope to do it again in our next house. go for it. 041b061a72


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