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One Piece Mod for Minecraft 1.19: A Must-Have for Anime and Minecraft Fans

To obtain optifine, go to the downloads pageand download the version which corresponds to the minecraft version you areusing. If you are running a version which is more recent, you might have to trya Preview version of optifine. In my experience, the previews have workedwithout issue.

Before we install Optifine, there is one piece of information we need to know:the .minecraft folder location. This is where running a flatpak veriondiverges from a normal minecraft install, as the folder will not be at/.minecraft/.

download mod one piece minecraft 1.19

Switch the Folder to the minecraft one we found previously, and clickInstall. Note: If the official minecraft launcher was not already loggedinto, this step will not work as it will fail to find minecraft (the launcherdownloads content on the first login).


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