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Stream Gauraiya Online: The Story of Two Women Who Fight Against Oppression and Violence

Gauraiya Full Movie Hd 1080p Watch Online

If you are looking for a gripping and realistic movie that exposes the harsh realities of crime and injustice in rural India, you might want to watch Gauraiya online. Gauraiya is a 2015 Hindi movie that tells the story of two women who fight against the oppression and violence inflicted by a notorious bandit and his accomplices. The movie is based on true incidents and has been praised for its bold and courageous portrayal of the plight of the victims.

Gauraiya Full Movie Hd 1080p Watch Online

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Gauraiya, including its plot, cast, controversy, and where you can watch it online in HD quality. We will also give you some reasons why you should watch this movie online and what you can learn from it. So, let's get started!

What is Gauraiya about?

Gauraiya is an offbeat film that is based on true incidents with an imaginary story portrait of north India situated desert area of Patha. Which is a place of downtrodden and poor people who are victimized by bandits and other criminals. The reason behind is only unemployment and illiteracy. The movie focuses on the lives of two women who suffer from the atrocities committed by a ruthless bandit named Dhanua and his associates.

The plot of Gauraiya

The movie revolves around two main characters, Gauraiya and Budhia, who are both victims of Dhanua's brutality. Gauraiya is a young and innocent woman who lives with her husband in Patha. One day, she is gang-raped by Dhanua, a tycoon named Kali Patel, and an NGO-head named Tiwari. Her husband is framed by the police under false charges and sent to jail. Gauraiya is left alone to face the stigma and trauma of her ordeal.

Budhia is another woman who lives in Patha. She is sold by her husband for Rs 500 to Dhanua, who makes her work as a bonded labourer in his fields. She is also subjected to sexual abuse and torture by Dhanua and his men. She has no hope or dignity left in her life.

The movie shows how these two women rise up against their oppressors and reclaim their lives. They join forces with a sensitive girl named Shefali, who comes from a small city and is doing PhD in Criminology. She has thought of writing a book entitled END OF CRIME because she is worried about crime and its victims. Together, they expose the crimes of Dhanua and his gang and bring them to justice.

The cast of Gauraiya

The movie features some talented actors who have delivered powerful performances in their roles. Here are some of the main cast members of Gauraiya:



Raiya Sinha


Karamveer Choudhary


Vijay Jora

Kali Patel

Sumeet Chawla


Karamveer Chaudhary

Budhia's husband



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