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upon receipt of the User's application, is obliged to make appropriate changes to his personal data and notify the User about it or notify the User of the reasons for refusing to make such changes, unless another procedure for making changes to the User's personal data is established by legislative acts.8. INFORMATION STORAGE8.1. The administration stores the collected data for some time. The duration of storage depends on the type of information, as well as on how the Administration uses it and what settings the User has set.8.2. Some data is automatically deleted or anonymized after a certain period of time.8.3. If the User requires the deletion of any data, the Administration acts in accordance with the approved rules. As a result, the User's data completely disappears from the Administration's servers or is stored there only in an anonymized form.8.4. Personal data of Users is also subject to depersonalization upon achievement of the goals of collection, processing, distribution, provision or in case of loss of the need to achieve these goals, unless a different storage period is provided for by legislative acts.9. REGULATORY COMPLIANCE AND ENGAGEMENT WITH REGULATORS9.1. The Administration regularly updates the Privacy Policy and processes User information in accordance with it.9.2. The information of a particular User may be processed in a country other than the country in which he resides. The level of information protection and legislation in this area may differ in different countries. Regardless of where exactly the User's data is processed, the Administration uses the same security measures described in this Privacy Policy.9.3. When the Administration receives a complaint in writing, the Administration contacts its sender. If the Administration fails to resolve the claim regarding the use of personal data directly when interacting with the User, the Administration submits it for consideration to state bodies that have the appropriate authority.9.4. At the request of the authorized state body in accordance with the current legislation, the Administration is obliged to transfer to such a state body the available information (Personal data) about the User.10. PRINCIPLES FOR PROCESSING PERSONAL DATA OF CHILDREN10.1. The Site is not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. The Administration deliberately does not use the personal data of persons under the age of 18.10.2. If the parents (guardians, other legal representatives) of a person under the age of 18 become aware that such a person has provided the Administration with his personal data, the Administration asks to notify it of such facts.10.3. If the Administration becomes aware that the Administration has used the personal data of any person under the age of 18 without the consent of the parents (guardian, other legal representative) obtained in the prescribed manner, the Administration will take all necessary actions to delete such data as soon as possible.11. READING THIS PRIVACY POLICY11.1. Familiarization with and acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy can take place in the following ways:11.1.1. Directly in the process of leaving an application on the Site by putting a corresponding mark in the column "I agree to the processing of my personal data";11.1.2. By familiarizing the User with the current version of the Privacy Policy, which is posted on the Site.11.1.3. The User's consent is a free, unambiguous, informed expression of his will, through which he authorizes the use of his personal data.11.2. The User consents to the use of his Personal Data for an indefinite period.12. FINAL PROVISIONS12.1. This Privacy Policy does not apply to other Internet resources and services other than the Site.12.2. This Privacy Policy does not govern the following:12.2.1. Data processing procedures in other companies and organizations that advertise the Site;12.2.2. Services offered by other companies or individuals linked to in search results on the Site.12.3. The Administration periodically makes changes to the Privacy Policy, but does not intend to limit the rights of Users described in this Privacy Policy in the future without their explicit consent. If significant amendments are made, the Administration announces them additionally, and in some cases may send notifications by e-mail.12.4. Contact the Administration on any issues of this Privacy Policy, including on changing and deleting the User's personal data, providing and


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