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Download Arsenal Extended Power Full 2h

The loot discovered inside GRE Trailers is usually around your current level - but the Artifact Weapon will not respawn like most other items in Dying Light 2. Therefore, you should only seek out these items when you're in need of a powerful new addition to your arsenal, as you don't want to stock up on them early. Grabbing them all at once means they'll remain at the level Aiden's was when he found them, rendering them useless as you and your enemies grow stronger throughout the game.

Download Arsenal Extended Power Full 2h

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I-No, much like Giovanna, is an offensive powerhouse thanks to her Rushdown techniques. I-No is a guitar-shredding witch that takes full advantage of her hovering capabilities, allowing her to drop in on her enemies with blinding speed and power. She's most deadly in close-range encounters but can also handle her own in mid and long-range engagements!


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