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Buy Google Beacons ##HOT##

We will replace any defective beacon within 15 days from the date of delivery at no charge. You must contact us at to report the problem and allow for troubleshooting, if necessary.

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To deal with diverse business needs, Beaconstac offers a range of Bluetooth beacons with varied transmission ranges, form factors, battery requirement, TX power and recommended use-cases. All our beacons are:

The hardware lineup consists of stationary beacons - Indoor beacons , Outdoor beacons & Long-range beacons and portable beacons - Pocket beacons , USB beacons and keychain beacons . You can learn more about the options we support on the Beaconstac hardware data-sheet.

On the other side of the world, at the Nike House of Innovation in Shanghai, the sports brand uses more than 40 beacons across a 41,150 square-feet space in the famous Nanjing East Road shopping district to create a seamless shopping experience. The beacons allow customers to pay for goods using Instant Checkout spaces and collect reserved items from lockers at multiple locations.

Meanwhile, one of the oldest and most successful applications of proximity marketing comes from Starbucks, which uses beacons to send offers to customers as they walk into stores. Using the mobile app, users can also place orders and pay for their coffee, ranking up reward points for every sip.

One of the biggest development barriers with the first generation of beacons was that individual beacons could only be implemented for a single action at one location for one application only. In a practical sense, this means developing apps with beacon integration quickly becomes unmanageable and this is one of the most important solutions Google Beacon Platform provides.

Better yet, you can do all of this within the Google Beacons dashboard without hard coding your app to detect the frequency of each individual beacon. Instead, you can simply register all of your devices to Google Cloud platform and create them as locations via the Proximity Beacon API or the beacons dashboard.

Buying a collection of beacons is easy but creating a proximity marketing strategy that maximises their potential is something else entirely. The likes of Amazon and Starbucks are using them with great success but a successful strategy needs to solve real consumer problems and close the gap between online and offline consumer experiences.

If you own a business or are involved in marketing, you may have heard about beacon technology. Perhaps you even received a Google beacon in the post as part of Project Beacon, a program Google launched to send free beacons to businesses with the aim of improving mobile visibility and experience.

Late 2016: With users needing to download apps to receive proximity marketing from beacons the popularity in retail begins to stall. However, Google works on making it possible for people to use the feature without downloading any apps, resulting in a resurgence in popularity.

Any important information that you want your potential customers to know can be transmitted directly to any receptive devices that are within the range of your beacon. This could be a simple alert to notify the user that they are within range of your shop. Or, the alert could be something more complex, like sending messages related to discounts, loyalty programs, and competitions that you are running. The brands themselves can also push individual product discounts using your in-store beacons.

The positional accuracy beacons can give you is up for debate, but it is clear that this Bluetooth technology is an improvement on other proximity technologies like GPS and WiFi. With this greater accuracy, you can gather more reliable information on how and where your customers are moving throughout your shop.

The possibilities of beacon technology in proximity marketing and location-based technology are numerous. As data gathering tools, beacons offer Google a chance to better understand businesses that use their services, as well as the users themselves, in order to improve their algorithm.

The logistics and transportation industry is one of the main benefactors of improved location-based technology. Bluetooth low-energy beacons can be used for more accurate asset tracking, particularly indoors.

In addition to tracking objects themselves, beacons could be used to track people such as patients or doctors in hospitals during emergencies. The focus may have initially been on the retail industry, but as the technology matures, we can expect other sectors to follow in understanding how beacon technology can aid their day-to-day activities.

Ultimately, beacons will help you better understand your audience, supporting and complementing your other marketing activities. The online-to-offline attribution modelling, user-focused proximity marketing potential, and Google My Business profile improvement the technology can offer is something every marketer should know when considering using beacons.

Beacons that support Google's Eddystone Bluetooth LE Specification. All Eddystone beacons, except the Minew i7 (Eddystone GATT version), also support iBeacon. Compatible with iOS and Android. We also have a sub-category for beacons that can transmit iBeacon and Eddystone simultaneously.

Rechargeable wristband beacon supporting both iBeacon and Eddystone. Each charge lasts 1 month @ 1 sec advertising.Black only.AnkhMaway beacons are commonly rebranded and have been used, for example, ..

USB iBeacon with external antenna. Supports iBeacon and Eddystone.One of the problems with USB beacons is that the form factor and proximity of the device powering the beacon compromise the antenna de..

One of our most capable beacons. Longer range sensor beacon with larger battery. Rubber style casing that makes the beacon water resistant. Supports iBeacon and Eddystone (URL and UID) but not simulta..

Waterproof (IP67), beacon that transmits up to 10 channels simultaneously that can be Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL, iBeacon or AltBeacon. Button turns on and off. Most coin cell beacons use either a C..

USB beacon that can be used in many different modes: The two advertising channels can be iBeacon, Eddystone UID, Eddystone URL or user defined.One of the problems with USB beacons is that the form fac..

Specialist, USB powered beacon with a very long 1000m to 4000m range. One of these devices can be used instead of very many less powerful beacons thus saving costs and easing maintenance. Transmits up..

USB beacon with external antenna Beacon that can be set up to advertise iBeacon, Eddystone-UID and Eddystone-URL.One of the problems with USB beacons is that the form factor and proximity of the devic..

USB beacon supporting one of iBeacon, Eddystone-UID, Eddystone-URL at any one time. One of the few USB beacons that support Eddystone.Note that this beacon has special firmware that allows iBeacon/Edd..

Project Beacons are small Bluetooth-enabled devices that businesses place near their entrance or in a central point in their establishment. These beacons provide accurate location information about objects or points of interest, giving Google insights related to user visits to stores and enabling proximity marketing.

Google has started sending beacons to businesses that advertise with Google Adwords and have also enabled location extensions in that platform, meaning they must have their Adwords and Google My Business listings connected to qualify. Google has closed the request form for businesses to request beacons, but if you are eligible, just be patient, and one may show up when you least expect it!

Initially, beacons were used to notify customers about goods sold in stores and real bargains. These days, the range of what they can do is much wider. Read on to find out more about what beacons are all about, what exactly they offer now and how they benefit both companies and their customers.

With mobile beacons, you can implement proximity marketing techniques and achieve better results with your promotional campaigns. This type of marketing is about targeting users with advertising content based on how close they are to a certain place, for example a company or store. In other words, beacons represent location technology that enables companies to detect and target their potential customers.

IOS-based devices can constantly receive signals and automatically wake up relevant applications, while with Android phones, users need to have their apps running in order to receive notifications through beacons.

Meanwhile, NFC tags work without batteries and are activated when only a few centimeters away, not 70 or even 300 meters like beacons. NFC devices are also capable of sending and receiving data, but work only at the touch of a device. NFC is often used for payments, advertising, and learning customer behavior.

Geofencing works in a very similar way to beacons. The differences are that beacons utilize Bluetooth Low Energy technology and work well indoors, while geofencing uses GPS or RFID signals and is more suitable for outdoor use.

Wi-Fi is also easier to set up and employees can do this without any special help, while beacons require some technical assistance. As for the price, beacons tend to be a bit cheaper or nearly the same price as a Wi-Fi router.

A friendly reminder that beacons mobile technology does not collect personal data. Instead, it gathers information about visits. For example, how many visitors came to the store, who was new and who was returning, and how many times. It can also help in creating location heat maps: in which part of the store visitors spend the most time, which areas are ignored, and so on.

GasBuddy, a tech company that offers apps for finding real-time fuel prices at gas stations in the US, Canada, and Australia, distributed beacons in around 150,000 convenience stores at gas stations, not only to send customers promotional materials but also to gather behavioral information for business analysis.

Beacon devices have proven to be a useful tool that serves multiple purposes, including asset tracking, data gathering, and proximity marketing. Whatever industry your business belongs to, beacons can be applied there. 041b061a72


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