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A Guide To Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Design.pdf-adds 1

There are interesting new features such as time based group membership, privileged access management etc. but in this post I am not going to discuss those as I am going to write separate articles to provide more info about those new features. But still you can find more details -us/windows-server-docs/identity/whats-new-active-directory-domain-services

A Guide to Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Design.pdf-adds 1

So in my demo I am using a virtual server with windows server 2016 datacenter. In order to setup active directory we need to log in as local administrator. First thing to check is IP address configuration.

7) In next window from the roles put tick box for active directory domain services. Then it will prompt to show you what are the associated features for the role. Click on add features to add those. Then click next to continue.

13) Then it will open the active directory configuration wizard. In my demo I am going to setup new forest. But if you adding this to existing domain you can choose relevant option. (I am going to write separate article to cover how you can upgrade from older version of Active Directory). Select the option to add new forest and type FQDN for the domain. Then click next.

22) Once log in open the powershell (as administrator) and type dsac.exe and press enter. It will open up the active directory administrative center. There you can start managing the resources.

When it comes to installing Exchange Server 2016, you can install it in 2 ways. The first method is more of GUI based setup where you run setup without any command-line switches. This provides an interactive experience where you are guided by the Exchange 2016 Setup wizard.


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